Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Water-Wise Wednesday With Frannie the Fish! {Water1der}

Frannie’s favorite way to learn about groundwater is to play fun and educational games. That's why Frannie loves Water1der! 

Water1der is The Groundwater Foundation’s mobile app that helps teach you all about groundwater! It’s fun and easy to play and you can download it to your Apple device for free from the Apple Store!

Frannie loves quizzing her friends and learning more about groundwater by using Water1der. Click here to download Water1der so you can start quizzing your friends and learning more about groundwater too!

Don’t have an Apple device, but you still want to learn more about groundwater through fun games and activities? Check out The Groundwater Foundation’s kids' corner for games, puzzles, and hands on activities you can do at home!