Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Soak It All Up: Utilizing Groundwater Education Activities in Extracurricular Settings}

Frannie is so excited to share a fantastic opportunity for Girl Scout troop leaders to learn how to utilize groundwater activities with their troops.  The Groundwater Foundation presents...

Soak It All Up: Utilizing Groundwater Education Activities in Extracurricular Settings

The free workshop will discuss the importance of groundwater education and showcase activities and games you can use to teach your girls about this precious resource.

See some of The Groundwater Foundation's most popular educational activities co-led by Girl Scouts, including Frannie the Fish's Story and Awesome Aquifer Kits.

Girl Scouts practice presenting the Awesome Aquifer Kits for Soak It All Up.

Attendees will also...
  • Get to play an educational game about the water cycle.

  • Learn about The Groundwater Foundation's apps Water1der and 30 by 30 through demonstrations.

  • Receive an educational Kit containing:
    • An Awesome Aquifer Kit

    • Activity instructions for the activities presented and more
    • Fun groundwater worksheets you can use with your troop
    • Fun freebies (a fling ring, wild flower seeds, and more!)
Find out more and register for the workshop here!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Pollution Prevention Week}

This week is National Pollution Prevention Week!  Twenty-five years ago, Congress passed the Pollution Prevention Act.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, pollution prevention is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source.  Pollution prevention’s main goal is to create less pollution to take care of and clean up later, or ideally stop pollution altogether.  This idea can be applied to all kinds of areas and activities: farming, urban landscape management, industry - producing the items we buy in stores, and the decisions we make as individuals!  
Farming and Urban Landscape Management - 
Using the correct amount of fertilizers and pesticides is a great way farmers, homeowners, and managers of urban landscapes can prevent pollution.  If too much fertilizer or pesticide is applied some could runoff into a lake or pond and create algae blooms which are bad for wildlife, including fish like Frannie.  These chemicals can also seep into the ground and contaminate groundwater.

 Industry - 
There are lots of ways manufacturers can participate in pollution prevention.  Using non-toxic or less toxic cleaning materials to maintain the machinery they use is one example.  They can also make sure they are properly storing those cleaning materials and chemicals.  If improperly stored, they can make their way into the environment and make water unsafe for animals and people.

What can we do?
There are so many choices that we can make to help prevent pollution!  We can use reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles.  We can make sure the products we buy are made by companies that value protecting the environment and use pollution preventing practices.  We can use non-toxic or less toxic cleaning materials too.  Find out how to make your own green cleaners

Many of the groundwater-friendly practices Frannie shares every Wednesday can be related to pollution prevention.  Make a list of ways you can help prevent pollution!
For more Fun 
Try The Story of Frannie the Fish with your troop to talk about pollution, how it can affect wildlife like Frannie, and measures to prevent pollution!
Find out more from the Environmental Protection Agency about Pollution Prevention here