Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {There's No New Water}

Did you know there is no new water? The water we drink today is the water the dinosaurs drank millions of years ago! That is why we all have a responsibility to protect and conserve water in all its forms!
One of Frannie's favorite activities demonstrating the amount of drinkable freshwater on the planet is called There's No New Water. For instructions on how to run the activity yourself, Frannie recommends watching this video:

In There's No New Water, a 5-gallon bucket is used to represent all of the water on Earth including the water that is contained in the atmosphere, glaciers, ice caps, lakes, rivers, oceans, groundwater, and streams. Check out the photo of some Girl Scouts doing the activity below!
Have you participated in There's No New Water? Share your story and photos here.