Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {The Groundwater Foundation is turning 30!}

In honor of The Groundwater Foundation's 30th anniversary, Frannie wants to share some fun groundwater facts with you in the form of a quiz!  See if you can answer each question correctly, check your answers at the bottom of the post!

1.  Groundwater is the water found in the cracks and crevices in the sand and rock below the earth's surface in formations called aquifers.  True or false.

2.  About how many Americans use groundwater for drinking water?
     a. 20%
     b. 50%
     c. 75%
     d. 100%

3.  Out of all the freshwater in the world, minus the polar ice caps, about how much is groundwater?
     a. 10%
     b. 25%
     c. 60%
     d. 95%

4.  The groundwater down under...  The largest known aquifer, covering about 660,000 square miles, is the Great Artesian Basin in what country?

5.  How many feet of water would the groundwater in the Ogallala Aquifer cover all 50 states with?
     a. 1 foot
     b. 1.5 feet
     c.  2 feet
     d. 2.5 feet

6.  Surf's up dude!  Which state uses the most groundwater in the United States?





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Test your knowledge about groundwater and other fun water categories and play The Groundwater Foundation's fun, free app Water1der