Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish {Games and Puzzles}

Frannie loves solving puzzles like crosswords and word searches.  Frannie also loves learning about groundwater.  Frannie can't think of a better way to combine these two things than with The Groundwater Foundation's games and puzzles, including word searches, crosswords, coloring sheets, mazes and apps!  Frannie wants to share these activities with you and your troop!

 Contamination Crossword - How many contamination vocabulary terms do you know?

Find all the groundwater words in this fun word search! Groundwater Word Search

Recycle Maze - Can you find your way out of this twisty maze?

Water Crossword - Review what you know about our most important resource - Water!

Show off your water cycle knowledge and complete the Water Cycle Crossword.

Wet Word Search - How many vocabulary words can you find?

Frannie the Fish Coloring Sheet - Reveal your inner artist!

Test your groundwater knowledge with the free Water1der app for Apple products!

Keep an eye out for a new tool from The Groundwater Foundation - a searchable filter for groundwater education activities - you'll be able to search by age group, topic, time, and category for even more fun activities and resources.  The filter will be online soon!