Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Washing clothes}

Frannie loves getting dressed up and putting together cute outfits, what she doesn't like so much is doing all the laundry afterwards!  Frannie decided there must be some way she could cut down on doing so much laundry and help conserve water and energy at the same time!  Frannie wants to share these helpful ideas so you can do them too.

Can you get another wear out of it?

Frannie only wore this sweater for a little while at school.  Since her sweater wasn't that dirty, Frannie decided to hang it back up in her closet instead of tossing it in the laundry basket.  Not only did this create less laundry for Frannie to wash, but it will help her clothes last longer!

Use less energy by washing your clothes with cold water!

By washing your clothes in cold water, you aren't using energy to heat up the water!

Make sure the settings are correct for each load you wash!

A load of t-shirts will take less water to wash than a load of towels.  So Frannie always makes sure to put in the correct settings for each load she washes!