Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Farmers' Market Fun}

Frannie is so excited that it is Farmers' Market season!  Farmers' Markets are a fun way to support local business while buying food and other products that are grown and made in your area.  Buying these local goods means you are not only helping conserve water but also protecting air quality and supporting a strong local economy!

The locally produced food sold at Farmers' Markets does not have to travel as far as many of the same items sold in grocery stores, so there is less fuel and water involved in getting them from the farm to your kitchen!  So, you are not only using less water but also helping protect air quality because there are fewer car emissions during a shorter trip.

Another great part of buying food at the Farmers' Market is that you are eating seasonally!  This means the food you are eating is growing during a period of time it grows best.  Trying to grow food out of season requires a lot more effort to produce.

Plan a Farmers' Market outing with your troop and talk to the farmers and vendors about where they are from and how they made what they are selling.  Share your story and pictures here!