Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {"Let's Keep It Clean" Program Series - Daisy}

This is the first post of a six-week series in which Frannie will explore each level of The Groundwater Foundation's "Let's Keep It Clean" patch program.  Frannie will show you the booklets, patches and some of the fun activities and resources available for each level.  This first week is all about the Daisy level!

There are two patches available for every level.  Do two activities from the booklet to earn your Ask Me About Groundwater patch.  Then you can do more activities to earn your Let's Keep It Clean patch!

The Daisy booklets are aimed to teach kindergarten through first grade girls the basics of water, including why water is important, the water cycle, water conservation, and pollution prevention through a fun story.  The girls or troop leader will then choose an activity from a series of options to earn their patches.  Frannie chose the "Coloring Daisies" option.

For this activity, you will need a white flower, scissors, a vase, water, and food coloring:

There weren't any daisies at the store, so Frannie is using a carnation in her activity.  Frannie will change the color of a flower by adding food coloring to the water (about 25 drops for every half cup of water).  Here's a tip: cute the stem at an angle so it doesn't sit flat on the bottom of the vase.  Use warm water for better results.

Frannie waited overnight and then observed what happened.

The white flower had turned the color of the food coloring - blue!  Frannie observed that this was a great way to see how plants use water and to see where the water went in the flower - the edges of the petals.

This is just one activity option in the Daisy booklet.  To find more activities to do with your troop, order your booklets and patches here.  Do you live in Nebraska?  Check with your area's Juliette's Boutique!

Have you done a Daisy activity and would like to share?  Click here.

Stay tuned!  Next week Frannie will explore the Brownie "Let's Keep It Clean" booklet, patches and an activity!