Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {"Let's Keep It Clean" Program Series - Cadette}


Calling all Cadettes!

This week Frannie is going to share Cadette Resources and a fun activity.  Remember: complete two activities from the booklet to earn your Ask Me About Groundwater patch.  Get inspired and do more to earn your Let's Keep It Clean patch.

Cadettes will explore the connection between water and air, discovering what air is made of and creating a map of the layers of our atmosphere.  Scouts can also research air quality, learning how air can be polluted.  Next, girls can chart short- and long-term data to observe the difference between weather and climate.  To further their understanding of climate, girls can research climate change and see how their daily activities affect air quality by calculating their emissions.

Cadettes can then choose from a number of activities to do their part in helping the planet.  Learn about trees and their role in reducing air and water pollution, make environmentally-friendly cleaners, or learn how air pollution is connected to energy and water.

Leadership Opportunity:

For Cadettes that want to go above and beyond, visit a Brownie troop and teach them why it is important to take care of the environment by sharing Frannie the Fish's story, or create your own story to show how girls can prevent pollution.

This week Frannie is going to show you how to calculate your carbon emissions!


1.  Click here to go to the Environmental Protection Agency's emission calculator.
2.  Ask your parent or guardian to help you fill out the required information for the calculator.

3.  At the bottom of each section, see recommendation for reducing your emissions.  Talk with your parent or guardian about these activities and encourage everyone in your house to follow them!

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Have you done a Cadette activity and would like to share?  Click here.

Next week Frannie will be sharing resources for Senior Girl Scouts, including the booklet, patches, and a fun activity!