Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Water1der}

Frannie is so excited that one of her favorite apps - Water1der - has added new questions!  Water1der is available for iOS devices.

Take the Water1der quizzes and see if you can answer the new questions!  Frannie loves the different kinds of questions in Water1der - multiple choice, hangman, true/false and more.  The new questions cover:

  • the origin of water on Earth
  • groundwater's role in growing the food we eat
  • how much water people around the world use
  • new hangman questions with groundwater vocabulary terms
  • and more!

For Troop Leaders:
Water1der is a fun, interactive tool that your Girl Scouts can play to test their knowledge of water!  Check out the user's guide for information on how to create a group for your troop to submit their scores and see who can get the highest score!  Check out the educator's guide for background information on each category, answer keys, and hands-on activities to go even more in-depth into this precious resource

Don't have Water1der?  Get it for free now!