Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Back to School}

Back to school is just around the corner, Frannie is looking forward to seeing all her fish friends and learning lots of interesting things this school year.  Through her weekly blogs this summer, Frannie discovered so much about groundwater and ways to protect it.  She is excited to take her knowledge and share it with her classmates and teachers!  You can do the same at your school!

1.  Frannie will talk to her teacher about including recycling bins in their classroom.  Recycling items like paper means that fewer trees will be cut down to create new paper, this helps prevent erosion - the wearing down or washing away of soil and land surface.  It also means that less water will be used in the production process of creating new paper.

2.  Frannie is going to share Water1der and 30 by 30 with her teacher and classmates.  Water1der will help her friends learn about groundwater and 30 by 30 will teach them how they can conserve and protect this resource!

3.  Frannie and her classmates are going to create posters to hang around the school to show students ways they can conserve water and why it is important!

Frannie is excited to find other ways to be a water steward.  She is going to bicycle to school instead of getting dropped off in a car.  She is not only getting exercise, she is also cutting down on the emissions from cars.  Air is closely connected to water, by helping keep air clean, you are helping keep water clean!  Learn more about water and air's connection with the Let's Keep It Clean Cadette booklet.

Can you think of more ways to encourage your school to be groundwater-conscious?  Share your ideas!