Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Groundwater Guardian Green Site}

This week Frannie is going to share a fantastic program with you!  Practice your leadership skills and take initiative.  Get a green space in your community involved with The Groundwater Foundation’s Groundwater Guardian Green Site program.

A few examples of green spaces that are already designated Green Sites include: golf courses, school campuses, zoos, country clubs, nature centers, and parks.  Challenge yourself and your troop to think outside the box, does your community have a unique green space that could be a Green Site?

The Groundwater Guardian Green Site program publicly recognizes green spaces for their groundwater stewardship and provides an opportunity for site managers to educate themselves, site staff, and visitors about groundwater.  The program also documents the environmental benefit of sites’ groundwater-friendly practices, showing the collective positive environmental impact.  Find out more about the benefits of the program here.

Here’s how you can get a green space involved in the Groundwater Guardian Green Site program:

1.  Identify a green space in your community you would like to see become a Green Site. 
2.  Research why it is important and ways to protect and conserve groundwater, The Groundwater Foundation’s website is a great place to start!

3.  Put together the information you gathered and share it with the site manager of the green space you identified.  Get as creative as you want!  You can create a poster, present a PowerPoint, write a song or a play, or think of another way to share what you have learned.

4.  Ask the site manager if your troop can help fill out the application and learn more about the management practices and how they affect groundwater.

5.  Ask the site manager to notify your troop after the application has been reviewed.  If the site is not designated, The Groundwater Foundation will work with the site to improve their practices and they can resubmit their application.

If the site is designated, you can celebrate with the Groundwater Guardian Green Site you helped designate!  Be sure to share your success with local media outlets and The Groundwater Foundation

If you need assistance throughout this process, e-mail