Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Protect Your Groundwater Day}

Frannie is looking forward to Protect Your Groundwater Day on September 8.  Frannie is going to share why protecting groundwater is so important with her troop:

Groundwater is the water that grows our food.  Groundwater is pumped out of wells and used in irrigation - the controlled application of water to crops to supplement what is supplied by nature.  Groundwater is used to grow the wheat in our bread, the corn and soybeans we eat, and much more!

Groundwater is the water we drink.  About half of Americans get their drinking water from groundwater.  It is vital we protect our groundwater from contamination and use it wisely to make sure it is there for the future.

Groundwater is also an important part of the water cycle and is not isolated from the rest of the water we can see.  Groundwater is connected to the water we can see called surface water (lakes, streams, rivers, oceans).  This means what affects our groundwater can affect the water that fish live in and other wildlife use for habitat and drinking, and the water we swim in for fun.  Groundwater can become surface water by discharging.  The reverse is also true, what affects surface water can affect groundwater.  For example, contamination in surface water can affect groundwater through a process called recharge - the flow of water from the land's surface into a groundwater aquifer.

Now that Frannie has learned a few reasons why protecting groundwater is important, she can explore how to protect it!

Talk to your parents/guardians about simple steps you can take in your home to protect groundwater:

1.  Reduce the amount of water you use with 30 by 30.
2.  Reduce, reuse, and recycle: reduce the amount of "stuff" you  use and reuse what you can.  Recycle cardboard, glass, paper, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.
3.  Reduce chemical use: use fewer chemicals around your home, instead make and use environmentally-friendly cleaners!
4.  Make posters about why it is important to protect groundwater or how to protect groundwater and hang them up around your school, a local library, or grocery store.

Frannie has created a small list of ways you can help protect and conserve groundwater, there are many ways you can get involved.  Can you think of more ways you can make a difference?  Share your ideas!