Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {Girl Scout Meeting}

This week Frannie has had so much fun working with Brownie Scouts to earn their "Ask Me About Groundwater" patch!  These girls followed Frannie along on her adventure and discovered how important clean water is for our aquatic friends!  The contaminants Frannie encountered on her adventure made it hard for her to breathe or hard for her to get food.  But these Brownie Scouts found out there are many ways they can help keep Frannie's home clean!  Here are a few ideas the girls came up with:

  • Put your garbage in recycle bins and trash bins to prevent litter from ending up in water.
  • Talk to your parents/guardians about applying the recommended amount of fertilizer to your lawn.
  • Clean up your pet's waste.

These Girl Scouts also made a model in a cup to learn about groundwater geology and vocabulary.  The gravel and water in the cup represents an aquifer - an underground geological formation of sand, soil, gravel and rock able to store and yield water.

They also learned how a well works and the effects on groundwater!  As the Girl Scouts pumped their wells, their aquifers were depleted - when water is used faster than it is replaced.  The groundwater in their aquifers was replenished when it rained, this is called recharge.

Frannie had a great time with these Girl Scouts!  Find out how you can do these activities with your troop and earn a Let's Keep It Clean groundwater patch here!