Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It’s Water-Wise Wednesday with Frannie the Fish! {The Groundwater Foundation’s National Conference}

Frannie had such a great time at The Groundwater Foundation's 2015 National Conference October 20-22!  Frannie and some of her Girl Scout friends shared the Let's Keep It Clean patch program at the Soak It All Up! Workshop on Tuesday, October 20.  These Girl Scout leaders showcased their groundwater knowledge and demonstrated activities that other Girl Scouts across the country can do to earn their groundwater patches and learn how to be water stewards!  These activities are fun and easy to implement with the extensive resources available for Girl Scout troop leaders!  The knowledge and hard work of these Girl Scouts made for a very successful workshop!

Girl Scout Cadettes share Frannie the Fish's Story at the Soak It All Up! Workshop.

Girl Scout Cadettes lead Soak It All Up! Workshop participants in the Awesome Aquifer activity.
Frannie also had a great time at the National Conference celebrating The Groundwater Foundation's 30th anniversary, hearing from expert speakers, and recharging her enthusiasm to protect and conserve groundwater!

Want to learn more about The Groundwater Foundation's Girl Scout patch program or the resources available to make leading your troop through groundwater activities a breeze?  E-mail